An only-at-the-fringe emotional rollercoaster that provides a fascinating insight into the lives of others.

Alison Kerr, The Scotsman

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How—in a system of nanoscopic subparticles; in a world of seven billion people; in a universe 14 trillion light-years wide—does anyone ever find love? And yet, as you and your neighbour ponder dancing and shagging, there’s some small chance you’ll do just that. LOVEABLE. 




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To call it a simply a show does not do it credit, it is an exploration. An exploration of love, of intimacy and of connection. Genius. 

I must insist you go and partake.

Laura Darrall, Postscript Journal

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Devised and performed by Olly Hawes

Design Emily Harwood

Producer Rosie Scudder


with thanks to Polly Bennett, Nick Cassenbaum, Matthew Evans, Mariah Gale, David Harradine and the countless other people and organisations that supported the making of the project.


a shining gem of a show

Unique, builds a connection with the audience which is enthralling...

an intimacy which is closer than any other fringe show

Andy Smith, A Younger Theatre

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You, Me, and the World (or: Do People Make Love In The Same Way They Dance? (and other mysteries)) had sell out runs in London, Derby and at the Edinburgh festival.


The development of the project was supported by: the Jerwood Foundation and The Young Vic, and mentored by David Harradine of Fevered Sleep, as part of the Jerwood Assistant Directors Programme; Jackdaw as part of Tell Tales at Bussey House; Populace, as part of Reclaim the Future; Camden People's Theatre; and the Nursery.



You, Me and the World (or: Do People Make Love In The Same Way They Dance? (And Other Mysteries))