I design and deliver workshops for a variety of people and organisations, that look at the ways in which we communicate with and influence other people and our environment - from exploring how we can lead both others and ourselves more effectively, to developing the way a team works together, to honing interview skills.

I lead workshops for the Take A Chance programme, funded by Vodafone and Centrica and administered by the Education Business Partnership in West Berkshire (where the company's HQs are based). The project brings together around 100 students from local schools and staff from the two companies to develop business and communication skills.


I make workshops for charity Create, working with vulnerable or excluded people throughout London and its outer boroughs. The workshops typically involve exploring and developing an understanding of the diversity of of our city, and have parallels with the work we do with take stock exchange.


I am a personal coach with an ILM Level 7 accreditation who has worked with clients from a variety of sectors. I combine a warm, non-judgmental approach, with a straightforward working process that empowers clients to find their own solutions to both personal and professional issues. I also run specialized sessions designed for clients who are preparing for interviews and presentations.


To find out more about coaching, please contact me, or you can book sessions with me at The Self Space.