Premiered at

Calm Down Dear

Festivals of innovative feminist performance

Camden People's TheatreBikeshed Theatre Exeter

Touring Spring 2018

7 February - ARC Stockton

9/10 February - Tom Thumb Theatre Margate

22 February - Chapter Cardiff

1 March - Arena Wolverhampton

3 May - The Lighthouse Poole

15/16/17 May - Camden People's Theatre London

Available for further dates Autumn 2018

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A show about the consequences of patriarchy.

Performed by a different woman each night.

Tackling culture and capitalism, secrets and power, the show blurs fiction and reality as two people struggle for control: He desperately trying to come to terms with his malign influence on the world, and She at each turn unsure of what she’s complying with.


Following, You, Me and The World, Olly returns with another genre bending performance that plays with the boundaries of theatre. Humorous but unsettling, richly textured, and always of the edge of anarchy.


Made with

Abigail Graham

Eleanor Porter

Jess Latowicki

Matthew Evans

Sara Sassanelli

Sarah Beaton

Stella Duffy

& many other visiting artists

“Fabulous. The balance between light and shade,

dark and darker is just right”

London Theatre 1

“Total fangirl for The Absolute Truth About Absolutely Everything - man holds himself to account for misogyny”

Jessie Thompson, Evening Standard

“The piece left me incredibly angry... truly disgusted me... this, and so much more.”

Laura Gilbert, Exeunt


“Affecting and crafted, vividly poetic, could be a tragic examination of masculinity”

Reviews Hub


“Serves as a reminder of how important individual action is in creating political change”

The Stage


"complex, fascinating and sophisticated - it’s really very good indeed"

Amber Massie-Blomfield, Executive Director,

Camden People's Theatre


“Fantastically unsettling and searching work. All the more so because it feels warmly, intricately and methodically done – whilst always living on the edge of anarchy”

Tim Cowbury, Made In China


“I loved how unpredictable, how alive, how dangerous it feels. I love Olly’s persona: he’s a charmer, a trickster, a penitent... I love the writing:the little repetitions, the author’s voice in the guest’s script, the sheer rhythm and poetry of the last section. There’s a delicious precision of language — and an equally delicious enjoyment of how slippery it can become.”

Jonathan Wakeham, Producer


“This feels like a very dangerous game. Exciting, and very brave, and dangerous.”

David Harradine, Artistic Director, Fevered Sleep

“Olly Hawes is a young performer who is sure to find greatness”

A Younger Theatre